Meet the Maker



Hi, my name is Amanda! Welcome to Polka Dot Pines!

Crafting has been in my blood since before I can remember. Whether it was making handmade salt dough ornaments at Christmas, weaving baskets with my Aunts at our annual family reunions, or working at a bustling scrap booking company; creating has been and still is an essential piece of my identity. Although crafting was a huge part of my childhood, I never delved into the world of sewing until I was an adult. 


       I received my first sewing machine on my 30th birthday. I slowly began experimenting and teaching myself how to sew. A video here, a tutorial there, and a lot of trial and error went into what my sewing has become today.


      As a nurse during the pandemic, I saw a need for masks and scrub caps for my fellow co-workers and that is where my creating really started to take off. It started with zippered bags and has now evolved into so much more. Making pieces that are both beautiful and practical has become such a joy for me and having the opportunity to share them with individuals all over the country has been one of my greatest pleasures!